Memorial Garden

Biological Resource Center's Memorial Garden is a place where donors' remains can be buried upon the request of the donor or their legal next-of-kin.

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Quarterly Newsletter

Our newsletter is sent to our donor families, pre-registered donors and industry professionals. You can request a copy by clicking the button below.

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World Religions

Religious Viewpoints on Donation

An act of charity. A demonstration of love, selflessness, stewardship or compassion. Faith communities throughout the world use these words to validate donation and embrace. Here are views quoted by those in charge of these religious orders.

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World Religions

Submission Forms for Illinois

When submitting these forms to Biological Resource Center you must make sure that you have completed the following to successfully submit our paperwork.

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Welcome to BRC of Illinois

Donation of all types are what make our society a better place to live.  Donations may range from giving to charities for an endearing cause, donating one's blood for a fellow citizen needing a transfusion and volunteering one's time for the benefit of others. These are all excellent examples of the human spirit in action. Whole body donation to medical education and research can be a lasting and enduring gift to society, as well as future generations.

Biological Resource Center offers individuals alternative choices for the preservation of life. In donating one's body for the future of medicine, a lasting gift is born in death. Medical science is advancing at an amazing pace. Life-saving surgical intervention and treatments for diseases may become available, in large part because individuals have donated their body for the advancement of medicine. Biological Resource Center acts as a "bridge" between those individuals who donate their body and the medical research and education community in the United States. 



Biological Resource Center offers to our donors and their families:

  • No cost for the cremation process
  • No cost transportation of the body
  • No cost for the completion and filing of the death certificate
  • No cost for the dignified urn
  • Return of the donor’s cremated remains within 30 days of the donation