Biological Resource Center of Illinois would like to thank all the donors and their families for their support of medical research and education through organ and tissue donations to our program for the past several years.  The volume of medical advancements in treatment and devices these donations have gone to perfect or create to help save and enhance the quality of life for generations to come is immeasurable. 

It comes with great sadness that we have decided to shut down our program, effective July 31, 2015.  Letters to all our pre-registered donor families have been sent out to notify them of this change and to advise them to look for alternative options.

We are committed to honoring those who did donate to our program and will proceed with the burials of cremated remains in our donor memorial garden.  The next-of-kin of those donors being buried in our garden will be notified in advance of the burial once it has been scheduled.

We encourage you to continue supporting organ, tissue, blood and marrow donation by registering as an organ donor in your home state.  You can find out where to register at


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